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Never miss out again!

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Discover interesting events
before they happen.

OverNear® is an event discovery network that keeps you "in the know" by automatically finding interesting happenings around you -- where you are and where you plan to be. Whether you're going out of town, or just going out, OverNear® finds events you care about and meet-up possibilities with your friends… you otherwise might have missed.

From your favorite bands to popular food trucks, OverNear® works quietly in the background, automatically discovering and instantly notifying you of the latest activities taking place nearby -- before they happen.

With OverNear®, you'll never miss out again!

Connect with your friends
in the real world.

OverNear® serves up shared opportunities for genuine connections with people you already know and trust. It lets you share your future plans with your friends so you don't miss opportunities to meet up.

Most apps celebrate the past. OverNear® helps you shape your future. It automatically keeps track of the times, places, and friends who’ll find you 'overnear' so you can make plans. Easily. Now, later, or even on the fly. It’s an opportunity optimizer. A future-facing time machine.

Real friends. Real time. Real life.

Find events in town
or across the globe.

Explore is your virtual time-machine that lets you move through time and space. Learn what’s happening around you or in places you’re planning to visit.

As you pan and zoom the map, OverNear® instantaneously searches the viewable area and populates the scrollable timeline with events that you're interested in. Scroll up to go back in time and scroll down to peer into the future.

Explore interesting places. Before you get there.


OverNear, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based startup developing a free mobile app and social networking platform that automatically uncovers in-person connection opportunities among users based on their present and future plans.


By leveraging our patent-pending remote presence technology, we plan to fulfill the promise of extending interpersonal social activity into the real world via the smartphone... and put 'social' back into social networking.


Our team is made up of aspiring super-heroes who share a common goal of building super-awesome, whiz-bang mobile technologies that help bring people togther in a seemingly 'connected' yet increasingly divergent world.

Put the "social" back into social networking...

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